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Model-specific: C4 Windshield Wiper Adjustments

Wiper Adjustments

C4 Windshield Wiper Adjustments

From 1984 through 1996, Chevrolet produced what we now refer to as the C4 Corvettes. Despite their venerable fame as a high-performance car and their innovations in design and technology, the C4s had their fair share of imperfections. One common problem with C4 Corvette is improperly adjusted windshield wipers. When the wipers do not park correctly, they can scrape the black paint on the window
trim. Although only a minor flaw, the wipers on most C4
Corvettes are not properly adjusted to rest beneath the hood when turned off. When the wipers do not park correctly, they can scrape the black paint on the window trim, resulting in unsightly scratch marks on the trim and blemishing the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. Fortunately, this minor problem can be easily corrected. The tools that you will need to complete the wiper adjustment include the following:
a 3/8 ratchet;
a 10mm socket;
a flat-blade screwdriver; and,
no more than 20 minutes of your time.
This simple adjustment will allow your wipers to rest below the hood line and prevent your window trim from being scratched again. The accompanying steps will guide you through the process. After opening the hood of your Corvette, look in the direction of the wipers where you will see the wiper transmission access plate. Remove wiper transmission the plate with a flat-blade screwdriver by carefully prying up on it.
Their are four retaining nuts under the plate loosen them so you can adjust the wiper arms. Use the 10mm socket to loosen the retaining nuts. Remember, it is very important not to remove these nuts. There is very limited access in this space and you could have great difficulty getting them back on Gently push the wiper arms towards the firewall. You will need the adjust both are to avoid interference between them. Adjust the arms until they do not hit the windshield molding or they are below the hood line.
Once you have the wipers where you want them Tighten the nuts but don't over tighten the nuts or you could snap the studs on the linkage. Now check the adjustment. Close the hood and have someone spray water on the windshield while you operate the wipers. Make sure the wipers are no longer hitting the windshield molding. Switch the wipers to high to check that they are not contacting each other or binding up.If they are contacting, then readjust them until they no longer contact each other. The same applies if they are still hitting your windshield molding.
Once your adjustment is satisfactory, replace the access plate and your job is done.


Author: gary 53

Date: Wed 17 Jan 18 19:25