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Dorset/Somerset Events

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Fri 14 Jul 17 19:29

Dorset/Somerset Events

A a proud owner of a 93 C4, looking for some shows/club events to go to.
Any ideas please

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Club Member

Fri 14 Jul 17 20:00

Re: Dorset/Somerset Events

Unfortunately, there is not a lot happening CCCUKwise in the South Coast Region mainly because the region has been without a Regional Representative for quite a while. However, there are loads of shows and you are always guaranteed to see some other members there. For example, I am going to the Sherborne Show this weekend.

You could ask to be added to the mailing list of the South West rep who covers Somerset.

The Club Events Organiser seems to know a lot about what does (or doesn't)happen in Dorset, so he may have some ideas.

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Rich Rogers
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2017 Yellow LT1 Camaro

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Club Member

Sat 15 Jul 17 22:21

Re: Dorset/Somerset Events

I would have taken a drive to Sherborne Castle but I'm on a family jaunt to see the abandoned village called Tynham in Dorset. Sadly not on the Corvette though.

C5 in custom made Firepit Orange color with Billy Boat Bullet exhaust, MGW short shift, Wilwood Superlite front brakes, Venair Orange Silicon hoses and Evans waterless coolant. Custom mural under hood with wheels and other accessories in Thunder Grey. Illuminated Sills and Firepit Orange interior.

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Club Member

Thu 20 Jul 17 10:36

I'll be taking my 1968 C3 to the Norton Fitzwarren (next to Taunton) Steam Fayre and vintage vehicle rally in August (Saturday 5th). It's probably past booking date now, but might be worth a shot. Nice big show, plenty of vehicles, got a parade arena and generally nice day out. Bonus for me is that it is literally about 1/2 mile to 1 mile away Smile
I also did the Exeter Powderham Castle one recently. Seem to be a lot around Exeter area.

Next year you should try for the Martock cavalcade - the whole village gets shut down and roads all around and they have a huge parade of 300 cars on the roads to the arena grounds. I've not done it yet, but seen plenty of photos and I am gonna try doing it next year.

Other than that, I haven't really looked around Dorset and Somerset shows much as most of the time my car is more Exeter based until the NFW show in August when I relocate it for a while.

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Club Member

Thu 20 Jul 17 20:15

We had a meet just outside Weston earlier this month which was a surprise to me, as someone who hasn't been to a meet before. Only C1 and 2 weren't represented on the day but it was nice and I certainly felt very welcome.

Beyond that, there was a small but nice classic car show outside Crewkerne a month or so ago and there is always Haynes Breakfast club on the first Sunday of every month, which is awesome fun.

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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Fri 21 Jul 17 08:04

Re: Dorset/Somerset Events

Had a few good holidays in the SW, but always struggled to find anything to attend anywhere apart from this evening one at Redhill, north of Cheddar Gorge. Its a good one with a great variety of vehicles.. Yes

Check these diners out too.. They often have American car meets attached. I know Route 38 does, but I've always missed it. The food is awesome too! Thumbs up

Odd that a Scot living 500 miles away can give info like this to the SW locals! Very Happy I totally live in the wrong place! (Hitlers fault!) Laughing

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