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Modified C5 for Sale

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Club Member

Wed 30 May 18 19:45

Modified C5 for Sale

Corvette C5 Torch Red 2000

LS1 5.7 V8 360 BHP



MOT till August can get full 12 months

£15 950

Bodywork & Exterior

The paintwork is very good, not just for a car of its age itís in genuine nice condition. It still polishes and shines great and hasnít gone pink like so many older red cars. It does however have a couple of small imperfections as it is 18 years old.

The car is originally a Euro Spec car but underwent some modifications by the previous owner. These were carried out by a garage called custom exotics (take a look at their website, they deal with a lot of American cars). On the outside these modifications included converting the rear bumper to US spec (this gets rid of the nasty reflectors in the bumper), fitting a reversing camera to the rear number plate surround, F1 style fog light fitted between the exhaust, painted number plate surround and black lettering of the corvette logo. The rear lights have been tinted black along with the side repeaters and the wing mirrors have also been painted. The side and rear windows have been professionally tinted

The car has also been fitted with sill protectors that run the length of the car and castor wheels at the front that allow the car to be pushed up over higher speed bumps rather than catching on the front bumper (which is quite long on these cars)

Wheels are Forgester and where imported from the states. They are 19Ē rear and 18Ē front and are staggered. They are shod in Goodyear Eagle tyres all with plenty of tread (approx. 5mm). Small details like the centre caps and even the tyre valves have the corvette racing logo on them. The car has also kept the tyre pressure monitoring system (TMPS) which works as it should.

The car is lowered on standard shocks so retains its ride comfort whilst looking low. The rear has had a lowering block fitted so the car sits straight.

Engine & Performance

The car has the standard LS1 5.7 V8 engine, that runs through a 4 speed Auto gearbox. It has the sport 3.15 Rear diff fitted (a rare factory option). The engine starts and runs fine with plenty of power and torque as you would expect from a car of this nature. The engine has had a custom remap from the states using a Diablo I2 intune device. This allows certain parameters to be changed from a small hand held device such as timing and fuelling as well as torque management settings. The standard map for the car can be but back on within about 30 seconds if required. The remap usually nets around 15-20 bhp but most importantly it changes the shift points and shift times of the auto box giving a better response.

The auto box itself was rebuilt last year after a failed O ring allowed fluid to leak out. I had the box re built using Raybestos clutch packs and also had a large aftermarket transmission cooler fitted as the standard trans cooler is built into the radiator and is quite small (Receipts for work available).

After market exhaust was made by Profusion, it is an over axle system and has had the tips painted black to keep with the theme of the car. It gives a great noise at higher rpm but is not intrusive in the car and is very civilised at motorway cruising speeds.

The car has a large amount of service history and has been regularly serviced. It has been in the Corvette owners club for many years and has been well looked after. In my ownership as well have having the gearbox rebuilt I have fixed a couple of small niggles like the outside temp sensor, replaced a front wheel bearing (this was a Timkin part ordered from the states) and last month the oil was changed (5-30w Mobil one).

ABS and Traction control are fitted as standard.

All 4 brakes have been replaced with upgraded drilled rotors with Hawk pads fitted to the front. The callipers have been painted red with black corvette lettering.


Standard electric windows, climate control, electric mirrors all work as they should. The car has been given a refresh inside by Custom Exotics to give it a more modern look. This included a full strip down of the interior and fitting of heavy duty sound deadening and new carpets. The centre counsel has had the old tap/cd player removed and replaced with a pumpkin android tablet. This is a DVD/CD player as well as radio. You can tether your phone to it and use it as an android tablet. Access the internet and use google maps for navigation. The reverse parking camera is also displayed here when the car is put into reverse. A new surround was made to look like stock and fit around the headunit. There is also a hands free kit fitted with microphone above the rear view mirror, once your phone is blue toothed to the head unit you can make and receive calls.

The seats are Corbeau, again imported from the states and are designed for the C5. They give much better support than standard seats and are comfy even on longer journeys. To match the seats the armrest and gear gaiter have been wrapped in carbon effect trim. The gear stick has a corvette racing logo etched into it.

There is a momo steering wheel with quick release hub, the airbag light has been correctly mapped out so there are no warning lights. I have the original wheel to go with the car.

The headsup display (HUD) works and been a euro car can flick between MPH and KM.

Two sets of floor mats come with the car a standard black set and a show set embroidered with the corvette logo. There is a rear cover over the boot with the corvette logo and I have an indoor car cover to fit the car too.

If youíve read all of that and have any more questions please drop me an message. The car has been cherished and it shows. I dare say this is one of the cleanest C5ís for sale.

I also have all the service manuals.

I have loads of pictures that i'll upload shortly as my photobucket account doesn't host anymore.

The car is located in Birmingham.



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Club Member

Wed 04 Jul 18 15:40

Re: Modified C5 for Sale

Price drop to 15 500, will have a fresh MOT as of next week.

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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Wed 04 Jul 18 22:21

Very pretty! Good luck with the sale.

2004 Corvette C5 Coupe
2003 Suzuki GSX-R1000

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Club Member

Fri 06 Jul 18 10:52

Re: Modified C5 for Sale

That is a STEAL at just £15,500.

C5 Corvettes are actually starting to edge up in value these days. So its a great time to buy one. Yes

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Club Member

Fri 06 Jul 18 17:11

This is Colin's old car, cracking car

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Club Member

Thu 12 Jul 18 11:49

Now with 12 Months MOT, (no advisors)

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