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#1: radiator bleeding Author: mutley Location: hertfordshire Post Posted: Today at

Hi peeps
Can any of you enlighten me on the proceedure for bleeding the coolant system on a l98 1988
since i changed my rad my temp has been running a little high . Ive done the head gasket check its good . It used to cut in at 178 and drop it to 164 now it stays up in the early 200's and goes up to 220 if i rev it hard but soon comes back down to 200 . the fan is staying on all the time after getting hot as it is in the range of when it should cut in
ill be grateful for any advice

#2: Re: radiator bleeding Author: Redlevel Post Posted: Today at


Just did mine and this is what works for me..

You have air in the system somewhere, and what you could do is park the car facing an bit of an uphill to allow the air to gather at the top of the rad easier.

Then, from cold, start the motor and remove the radiator cap and top it up. Stuff an old towel around the neck of the rad and watch as the motor heats up. It'll bubble and spill out a bit, but hang in there, and after a minute or so, the level in the radiator will suddenly and dramatically drop significantly as the thermostat opens and this is the time to quickly top up the radiator again so have your coolant standing by and plenty of it.

Keep on it until your sure that you can't get anymore coolant in and then refit the cap and let it heat up proper. After this, it should run a bit cooler and you can periodically check the level as I doubt you'll get all the air out first go.

Good luck.. Smile

#3: Re: radiator bleeding Author: mutley Location: hertfordshire Post Posted: Today at

thanks Steve
will do it tomorrow bless ya pal

#4: Re: radiator bleeding Author: Daytona Vette Location: Warwickshire Post Posted: Today at

Good tip Steve, I never thought of that "park the car facing an bit of an uphill"
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