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#1: Spark Plugs - 1968 327 Author: CaptainK Location: Devon Post Posted: Today at

Hello all. I've been searching the internet and on the forums for the spark plugs I need for my 1968 327/300hp Corvette (original engine), and just found tons of different plug numbers and some saying that a 1968 327 doesn't exist.

So I thought I'd give in and ask here in case any of you know good plugs or part numbers for the 1968 327. The engine isn't particularly fancy or highly modified - just aftermarket carb and manifold. From reading the threads on here, some say Champion plugs, other say NGK.

Ideally from a UK seller please. Thanks Smile

#2: Re: Spark Plugs - 1968 327 Author: kentvette Location: Loir Valley, France Post Posted: Today at

My manual says AC44.

I looked at The Green Spark Plug Co. They seem to do 44.5. But, I found the NGK equivalent is B6S and they have that.

Highly recommend GSPC, very reasonable price and speedy delivery. Plus, if you want to be sure, you can choose your plugs by size, length, contact size etc etc....

#3: Re: Spark Plugs - 1968 327 Author: Chris Sale Location: Shropshire Post Posted: Today at

I agree with Stephen's recommendation. I have been using NGK B6S for many years in my '64 which also has the 300 HP 327. My annual mileage runs between 4000 - 5000 miles and I change plugs every two years.

If, after you have put a few thousand on your first set of B6S you think you could go to a hotter plug in some cylinders, you can install BP5S which are one 'range' hotter and have a projected tip. My No. 8 plug has always been prone to fouling before the others, presumably because of oil getting past the valve stem seals, and a BP5S stays clean for longer.

#4: Re: Spark Plugs - 1968 327 Author: roscobbc Location: S W Essex Post Posted: Today at

Agree with Chris - I use NGK's on my big block, and yes generally replace every two seasons or when misfires start-up. I changed to BCPR6's to try and cure plugs going 'open circuit' with the 7's (it did improve - and these are resistor plugs which I believe are easier to source from local autofactors) - in my case plug fouling is caused by a combination of prolonged city use coupled with the rich idle mixture needed with a rumpity - rumpity camshaft and big double pumper carb. Even the super powerful spark from a MSD system has its limitations Yes

#5:  Author: CaptainK Location: Devon Post Posted: Today at

Thanks everyone. When I did a search on the forum I found multiple references to the Green Spark Plug co, but I didn't know which plugs I needed. Tried to look at other sites to cross reference and just ended in a pickle.

I'll get some ordered soon, as the engine isn't particularly happy with life, and I'm changing the carb and inlet soon, along with the dist and leads and figured I may as well change the plugs too. Problem is, I believe to change the plugs you need to remove the exhaust manifolds, and I was thinking of replacing my exhaust manifolds with a better set, so I'll be on a big parts buying session soon.


#6: Re: Spark Plugs - 1968 327 Author: jmvette Location: THETFORD NORFOLK Post Posted: Today at


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#7:  Author: CaptainK Location: Devon Post Posted: Today at

Well, the Green Spark Plugs co seems very efficient - I ordered them shortly after my comment above and they arrived the next day. Well done GSPCo. Smile
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