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#1: 2018 Zr1 Author: rubyragtop Location: Woking, Surrey Post Posted: Today at

Just seen this posted by Nigel Dobbe over on PistonHeads about the ZR1.

#2: Re: 2018 Zr1 Author: chevrolet Post Posted: Today at

Interesting - See that: "Because of the hood height, car cannot be sold in Europe."

So if I win the Lottery soon, does that mean I can't import one from the States, because it won't pass the IVA test? Maybe not? Smile

#3: Re: 2018 Zr1 Author: Daytona Vette Location: Warwickshire Post Posted: Today at

Yes, but with lowered suspension the Hood height will come down, one only needs half a brain to solve these things - Yo! (joke)

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#4:  Author: z06_tim Location: Warwick, UK Post Posted: Today at

Interesting. If they state hood height it will be because of the 4 degree downward vision regulation in Europe.

GM also claims the regular C7 is pedestrian compliant, even though it doesn't need to be for the US market. I suspect this is not compliant, with the "shaker hood" and the geometry of the thing!

You can also sell official imports in Europe without pedestrian compliance if you are small series (<1000cars).

IVA definitely doesn't care about ped compliance, and my guess is the raised hood (and shaker hood) would be fine too.

#5: Re: 2018 Zr1 Author: roscobbc Location: S W Essex Post Posted: Today at

I seem to recall similar reasons being given for Ford not marketing the latest Shelby Mustang over here - in that case it was the spreader bar linking the two suspension turrets under the hood being too close to the underside, failing pedestrian safety Scratchchin
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