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#11: Re: What does this wire do / connect to? Author: kentvette Location: Loir Valley, France Post Posted: Today at

Gary's right about the colour of the wire, well at least the wire on my '78 is green. The wire is conveniently placed to get pulled off, pushed against hot manifolds etc, so you're was probably "added" to, to make life easier!

I suspect that your extra wire from the battery terminal powers something that's been added, or has a bad connection. If the car has any later "add-ons", I'd suspect that. I used to have additional wires that powered my CB, as it was lot easier to come direct from the battery via an in-line fuse to the unit by the passenger seat (those were the days!)

Interesting what Gary says about seeing the arching of plug wires. Back in the days when the carbon wires were relatively new they were not very long lived. If my '66 Austin Cooper started to run a little less that perfectly the first thing I did was pop open the bonnet in a dark garage - you could see the wires arching across like something out of Terminator! Smile

#12:  Author: CaptainK Location: Devon Post Posted: Today at

Yeah I've been told that the temp sensor wire was green, so I didn't think it was the temp sensor as I didn't know it was there until you guys told me that's where it was.

As far as I'm aware, there isn't any "add ons" in my C3. I wasn't made aware of any in the sale. The car is pretty much stock except for a later Corvette model radio (which I have never used because side exhausts are better Very Happy ), and the carb / inlet manifold / distributor / plug leads / MSD Ignition box.

The wire from the battery does have a connector thing on it down the wire a bit, I guess it could be an inline fuse. :S I'm assuming the wire isn't standard then, and life you said it was probably for an "add on" that is no longer in the car ..... or maybe some James Bond style extra that I haven't found out about yet. Ejector seat maybe? I mean the wire does head towards the driver's seat......

#13: Re: What does this wire do / connect to? Author: gtr1999 Location: New Haven CT- USA Post Posted: Today at

I don't believe they came from the factory with the extra power lead. It was common to get one from a parts store years ago and use it for added on power items. like a tape deck or alarm.

I would check this car over very closely. 68's were not very popular here for a very long time due to the first year problems they had. They were cheap as a used car back in the day so many were driven very hard and not correctly repaired. They are a good car though and those original 327's were very good engines.

The car should steer straight without any play on center. I mention this because the boxes on these cars have been over looked and cheaply worked on for years, leaving a lot to be desired in handling. A correctly built and set up box will not have any play in it. Does it still have the carried over 67 steering wheel?

You should also look close at the IRS and differential, more areas that often need attention.

#14:  Author: CaptainK Location: Devon Post Posted: Today at

I guess it could be an extra feed for the later Corvette model radio (unknown what model / year, but it says Corvette on it and its blatantly not in fit for 60s technology). It has push buttons and stuff and might have some "memory" to it as well, so it'd need an "always on" connection to maintain the radio memory? I've never used it though, because side pipes are better. Very Happy As this little extra lead is not factory (thanks - I didn't think it was), I'm tempted to remove it and see what happens.

The car steers really well I've found, despite age and the steering box etc. I believe the steering wheel has been replaced with a smaller, later model Corvette steering wheel. It does look like it could have been a factory option.

I imported this car from America almost 2 years ago. I like to think over in America where they have better access to parts etc that it was at least reasonably well looked after. The body and general level of everything on it is actually really quite good. The downside is I feel the engine isn't 100% happy with life at the moment, but that's mostly due to a failing carb causing issues which I'll be replacing soon (currently has a cheap fake Carter one on it - not worth repairing). The starter and alternator is just recent within the last few dayys. So I figured I may as well collect parts for it over winter and get lots of stuff done at the same time. I should add the engine ran fine for the first thousand or so miles with me after I got it, but I think it just needs some love now.

I also quite like my 327 because its rare in a C3. Granted its the smallest capacity engine in a C3, but hey, its a talking point and it still looks great. Smile (though you still get people saying "oh man, you should have got a big block!".....
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