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#1: Caliper rebuild kits Author: Nicetie Location: Northampton Post Posted: Today at

Afternoon all,
Any recommendations for the best O ring front caliper rebuild kit?
Getting my calipers back from paint next week so getting ready to start putting back together!

#2: Re: Caliper rebuild kits Author: L88 Location: Bexley Post Posted: Today at,1967,corvette,...

Or cssb in Florida who also sell on with the global shipping program.

Rock auto are proving ridiculously cheap with vat paid at purchase.

#3:  Author: Grahamred70 Location: Pembrokeshire Post Posted: Today at

Hi Ian,
Are your calipers stainless steel lined? mine were and after speaking to Scott at Corvette Kingdom I stayed with the original lip seal type and have had no issues whatsoever, no more leaks and brakes work fine, discs must run as close to true as possible, this is essential whichever type of seals you decide to go for.

#4: Re: Caliper rebuild kits Author: sublimemike Location: oxford Post Posted: Today at

The important thing with the Lip seal type is, if the car isn't used for a period of time you need to just press the brake pedal a couple of times a month to make sure the seals don't "sag" then start leaking.

#5:  Author: eurovettes Location: Stevenage, Herts, UK Post Posted: Today at

get in touch please- I am in California now and back jan 23rd or shipping large stuff to uk for end jan/early feb - I could bring back what you need - email me on keef @
CCCUK » C3 Generation » Caliper rebuild kits

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