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#11:  Author: eurovettes Location: Stevenage, Herts, UK Post Posted: Today at

Here is what my friend who is manager at Discount Tires in San DIego said about this
"they are recalling 41,000 different tires. Most of them we donít really sell. "

so dont think its a real issue for vettes

#12: Re: Tyre issues in USA Author: Daytona Vette Location: Warwickshire Post Posted: Today at

[quote="roppa440";p="146409"][quote="Daytona Vette";p="146393"]

That is nice

We like "out of shape" because we can use the power and bring it back, it is the Thrill and the Adrenalin and of course no electronics to moderate the situation

Coopers and BFGs are not Sticky they are a road tyre all be it, low cost (but not much choice for certain sizes)

Now talking still not Sticky but high tech and expensive tyres - Pirelli P Zero, take a Diablo VT and give it a little juice coming out of a slow tight Hairpin and it is out of shape, it is four wheel drive with viscous traction and the P Zeros (actually developed for the Diablo) are 335s

So Coopers at a fraction of the cost are giving you the same out of shape adrenalin kick.

Could it be that all Lambo owners are now going to be donning COOPERS - possibly not Rofl

#13: Re: Tyre issues in USA Author: roscobbc Location: S W Essex Post Posted: Today at

I say bring back John Bull remoulds - enjoy mimimum traction, maximum tyre smoke and multiple lumps of tyre tread and carcass spinning off the rear (and perhaps front) wheels!

#14: Re: Tyre issues in USA Author: roppa440 Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne Post Posted: Today at

My Dad always used re-moulds. But then again I was in my 30s before he ever paid more than a two figure sum for a car never mind a tyre.

I was doing 70(ish) mph in the outside lane of the A1M in one of his last Mk3 Cortinas once when the front offside tyre suddenly blew to bits, came off the wheel, and wrapped itself around the suspension and, more importantly, the steering.

The steering wheel wrenched so hard it nearly dislocated my shoulder but somehow, using two hands pulling on one side of the wheel, I managed to get the car pointing in the direction of travel and between cars in the other two lanes to the hard shoulder.

So I took that as a warning when it came to re-moulds.
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