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#1: Now we're digital - Membership Renewals Author: Wacjac Location: Tyne and Wear Post Posted: Today at

We have noticed recently a couple of payments coming through both by direct bank transfers and cheques well in advance of the formal renewal period of 1st May. Banghead

The renewal process is now a fully ONLINE system. Please don't send paper renewals and cheques and under no circumstances send cash through the post, registered or not. Finally, do not make direct payments to the Club bank account. No No No

MemberMojo has been set to accept renewals from early April 2018, you will receive an email invitation to renew your membership. The attached .pdf file shows you how to do this. Thumbs up

If you have any queries please post a reply. Bigear

Many Thanks
Jackie Fell
Membership Secretary

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CCCUK » CCCUK Chat » Now we're digital - Membership Renewals

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