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#1: Lights Author: Dellb Location: Fleet Post Posted: Today at

Hi Guys
Me again. I am due to get my C3 back from paint next week, and am therefore very busy prepping the lights etc. One area that has me confused is the front indicators.

Being a 1980 C3, the indicators are in the front bumper, with side markers close by. What is confusing me is the wiring diagram shows three cables going to the front indicator, and the car spec shows a dual filament bulb.

What are the two lights inside a single amber lens for.


#2: Re: Lights Author: Norm Location: Milford, Delaware Post Posted: Today at

If my memory serves me, one wire should be the running light, one the turn signal, and one the ground.

#3: Re: Lights Author: kentvette Location: Loir Valley, France Post Posted: Today at


As Norm says, the lamps are both side lamps and indicators. In the US it's OK to have yellow side (or running) lamps. In the UK it's not.

As we have a '78 I didn't have that issue, but no doubt someone on here will give you some ideas as to how to get around it. I'm guessing take the side light feed to a small white light fitted in the grills perhaps, and leave the indicators in the yellow "stock" lamps. You'll just need to add an earth to the side lamp you fit.

#4: Re: Lights Author: Dellb Location: Fleet Post Posted: Today at

In the absence of any other light at the front, I suspected that may be the case. Has anyone out there had this problem on a 80 C3?

I am thinking of changing the lens to clear, and fitting an orange bulb for the indicators???

#5:  Author: MIT Post Posted: Today at

Iíve just installed switch back led dual white/orange lights in the front as advised. I have the strange scenario that when side lights are on they are orange, dipped beam they turn white, and when indicating the white light turns off.
Are we saying an orange running light is illegal in the uk? If so I need to change the wiring somehow.


#6:  Author: Grahamred70 Location: Pembrokeshire Post Posted: Today at

Hi Tim, something strange going on there, my 70 came with clear lenses and twin filament amber bulbs, 5W for side light and 15W for the indicator, I swapped these for switchbacks and everything worked fine, I converted my reversing lights to indicators with amber bulbs, at the weekend I thought it was time to get my reversing lights working so went for switchback bulbs again but these would only flash with the hazards on, no indicators so I fitted the bulbs I'd taken out of the front lights which gave me indicators again but amber reversing lights! Next I have to find the indicator flasher and change it for an electronic one then I should be able to put the switchbacks and have amber indicators and white reversing lights.
If you have amber side lights it seems like you have switched the side light feed with the indicators but can't understand why they go white when you switch the headlights on, mine flash between white and amber when I indicate with the lights on which doesn't seem to be an issue at MOT time.

#7: Re: Lights Author: Sid.123 Location: Kent uk Post Posted: Today at

I gave in to the man and changed my rear red lights for seperate brake/orange indicators. On the front I put LED lights in the headlights as side lights but also left the orange front side lights connected with bullet conectors so I can disconnect them if required...So far though ive not had to touch them.

#8:  Author: MIT Post Posted: Today at

I ended up fitting an additional orange indicator in the front side light lens, and separated the indicator wire from the existing side light/indicator bulb. I then changed the front marker lights to an indicator as well. Also changing the rear markers to orange indicators.

#9: Re: Lights Author: Sid.123 Location: Kent uk Post Posted: Today at

Lol.. I dont think any two corvettes are tge same as far as lighting goes... Everyone does it slightly diffrent

#10:  Author: MIT Post Posted: Today at

I installed the electronic flashers today, much better flash rate with the extra indicators.
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