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#1: Big Thumbs up for Topcats Racing Author: Bowler Location: South East Staffordshire Post Posted: Today at

My usual “go to” guy that I normally ask to do mechanicals on my car was either too busy to, or didn’t want to, return my calls when my C5 developed the known problem with the Harmonic Balancer.

Beyond my own level of confidence for a DIY job and not wanting to take the car to “just anyone” I eventually spoke to Warren at Topcats Racing who instilled in me the confidence that my car would be placed into the right hands, so I agreed a price and booked it in for today.

Being 90 miles from my home, Warren said it would be OK for me to stay on site for a few hours whilst the work was completed. Boy, was I impressed by Topcats and with Warren. The workshop is spotless, the guys are really friendly and no sooner was I there, than I was sat down in an air-conditioned meeting room, with WiFi access and a coffee in my hand.

Just a few hours later, the job was done and I was on my way back home. No bullshit, no additional faults discovered, just an efficient job from a bunch of friendly professionals. And to top it off, because the task took less time than estimated, the final bill was less than I originally agreed with Warren. Perfect!

After being involved with the management of the Corvette Club for 6 or 7 years, I became very wary of recommending businesses and suppliers to other members, because by doing so I felt that it implied that the Committee were endorsing the business. Now I’m no longer involved in the management any way, I have no reservations in recommending Topcats Racing to address the faults on your Corvette or even give it a simple service.

If you get anything like the welcome I did today, you will not be disappointed. I will certainly be taking my Corvettes back there in the future

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#2: Re: Big Thumbs up for Topcats Racing Author: WelshVette Location: South West Wales Post Posted: Today at

I too have used their services on my C6 and the round trip was 320 miles - three hours each way - but i would not hesitate in going there again despite the distance.

If you want someone who will do the job well - then these guys are the ones. Clap

#3: Re: Big Thumbs up for Topcats Racing Author: BlackZeD Location: Cleveland Post Posted: Today at

Doing the harmonic balancer "while you wait" is one hell of a service.
Seems like they do a good job.

#4: Re: Big Thumbs up for Topcats Racing Author: Daytona Vette Location: Warwickshire Post Posted: Today at

They are good, they are engineers not mechanics, they race prep cars and work on a lot of LS engines.
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