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Wood Green camping rules 2014

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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Mon 23 Jun 14 16:42

Wood Green camping rules 2014

So not to catch people out, here is a copy of the rules imposed by Wood Green.
A copy of these will be issued with all camping passes.

The electrical supplies are the blue 3 pin 16A type, please ensure if you require a hook up you bring the correct plug, also note below the supply is on a 10A max supply per plug.


1. General

(a) The caravan site is administered by Wood Green Animal Shelter, by paying the appropriate sum, you will be adhering to all rules and regulations set out by Wood Green Animal Shelter

(b) Wood Green will not accept responsibility for any personal injury or loss or damage to property, unless it can be proved the charity is responsible through action or negligence for the injury or loss.

(c) Pets are allowed but owners are expected to keep them under control at all times. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and any fouling must be cleaned up immediately and removed to the correct waste containers.

2. Occupancy

(a) The caravan site will be open from 10:00 27/06/14 until 17:00 29/06/14

(b) No person under the age of 18 is permitted to stay in a caravan / tent without the supervision of an adult, and parents are expected to be responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children.

(c) It is not permitted for more people to stay overnight in a caravan than is allowed by its layout.

(d) Camping passes will be given to you upon payment of £5 per pitch per night; these must be shown upon request of the organiser throughout the time you are on the caravan site.

(e) No caravan / tent will be sited after 9.00 p.m. and the decision of the officials as to whether they will site a caravan or not will be final.

3. Pitches

(a) Pitches will be allocated by the CCCUK organisers, if you wish to be sited near to friends; this must be requested upon arrival.

(b) You may place a tent next to your caravan instead of an awning. But you may not place a tent and an awning next to a caravan.

(c) At least 3 metres must be kept between your caravan/awning and that of the next caravan/ awning. This rule will be strictly adhered to and you will be asked to remove any object breaking this rule.

4. Electricity

(a) Use of generators is not permitted, nor storage of petrol / diesel on the caravan field.

(b) Electricity will be supplied by the charity to those caravans wishing to have this facility.

(c) The electricity supply is restricted to 10 amp, and if you overload the supply, the connection with be broken automatically. The switch can be re-set, but if you overload consistently, the supply will be disconnected permanently. In this case, no refund will be given.

(d) Electricity is supplied according to current standards (BS7671) and a certificate of confirmation is provided by the contractors. All plugs are supplied with RCBO mechanism to protect against electric shocks, and the generators used are recent ones. We also advise that you ensure that the caravan and any electrical equipment that you wish to connect to the supply, are suitable and have been recently checked. (P.A.T)

(e) If you have any problems with the electricity supply, it is important that you report the fault immediately to your contact person within the charity or security staff out of hours.

6. Behaviour

(a) You are asked to assist in keeping the toilets clean, anybody found vandalising or abusing the facilities will be asked to leave immediately.

(b) Rubbish should be put in the appropriate waste containers and the sacks should be placed in the white bags or skip provided for that purpose.

(c) Washing at the water taps is not permitted, (do not wash buckets etc at the drinking water taps).

(d) You are asked not to make unreasonable noise, especially after 10.00 p.m. If a complaint about noise is received, one warning will be given, then rule 6 (e) will be applied.

(e) If any of these rules and regulations are broken, the charity may terminate the tenancy without warning and at once, or take any other steps open to it. If this rule is applied, no payment will be refunded.

7. Health and Safety

(a) The decision of Wood Green Animal Shelter about any matter concerned with Health and Safety is final.

(b) Fire extinguishers (caravans) – you must have a suitable fire extinguisher, at least 900 gr. of powder. Also, it is strongly recommended that a fire blanket is available in the cooking area.

(c) First Aid. Basic first aid equipment must be available in every caravan and a suitably qualified person must be site during the event. (Documentation for this role will be required by the charity for inspection).

(d) No open fires are allowed on the premises, but suitable off the floor barbeques may be acceptable once agreed by the charity and the event organiser.

(e) Any signs placed on the site must be followed.

(f) No one is permitted to sleep in a car.

(g) Bicycles. Numerous complaints are received regarding the behaviour of children and young people on their bicycles around the field. Can you please ensure that the behaviour of your children do not affect the safety and enjoyment of other occupants.

(h) You are asked not to use your car unless absolutely necessary e.g. driving to and from the toilets is NOT necessary. The charity has the right to prohibit any vehicle which is obviously breaking this rule.

8. Fire

(a) Every camper must be aware of the fire point, this is located at the PA hut adjacent to the arena, these facilities are not to be abused and anybody found doing so will be asked to leave.

(b) If a fire occurs, move everyone outside immediately and warn the occupants of the nearby caravans. Call the fire brigade and then contact the charity to inform them of the incident. If any emergency service is called then you must inform the charity straight away.

9. Security

Security will deliver their own set of guide lines for the securing of the event field gate and their restrictions on your movements around the site after hours. They will also supply you with an out of hour’s emergency phone number.

Gone over to the dark side.

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Club Member

Tue 24 Jun 14 18:36

Do I have 2 book a pitch lads 4 camping in my tent Saturday night want 2 have a few beers with u lads nice one MICK!

Hi,im MICK when i was 21 i owned a 1976 t top red white leather owned it 4 years at about 12,000 miles a year had some great fun.Move on 28 years and wife, house,kids,now i have a toy again a red c5 2002 reg C5 YNK,love it RED interior 40,000 miles ,hoping to have just as much fun again on 7,500 miles policy. Just sold my 2014 c7 after owning it for nearly 2 and half years again red red interior manual.Have now also got a C7 2018 blue auto both roofs black interior running her in loving it !!

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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Thu 26 Jun 14 07:38

Mick, we'll put you down for a pitch if you can be clear what you want, is it 1 x 4 man tent or two tents?

1995 Corvette LT1 6-Speed Coupe
2007 Honda UFO

1986 Corvette Z51 Coupe

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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Sat 28 Jun 14 05:55


1995 Corvette LT1 6-Speed Coupe
2007 Honda UFO

1986 Corvette Z51 Coupe

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