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c5 outdoor cover

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Club Member

Fri 11 May 18 13:22

c5 outdoor cover

Hi all, this question has probably been asked to death but can anyone recommend a good outdoor car cover for my c5 as its going to have to live on the driveway over winter.

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Club Member

Fri 11 May 18 14:00

Hmmm, what cars really like is good ventilation and IMO they're often better off without a cover than with one. Amongst other things the cover can flap about in the wind and grind dirt into your nice shiny paintwork.

If I needed to protect a car I'd probably try to get one of those "bubble" things that don't actually touch the car. Here's an example at 300 from Screwfix,

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Club Member

Sun 13 May 18 11:48

Re: c5 outdoor cover

thanks for the reply that's a good suggestion but it's probably going to piss my neighbours off, I was just after a cover silly

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Club Member

Tue 15 May 18 12:58

How do those shed / bubble things actually attach to the ground? I see from the comments on the site they say some ground anchors are screwed into the ground. But is that for concrete / tarmac etc? Aka, what stops them from blowing away?

I'd really like one though at some point. It'd save me having to get proper garages for all my cars Laughing

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Club Member

Fri 18 May 18 11:28

Re: c5 outdoor cover

I use this car cover for our C5

The Ultimate outside car cover have had 2 now one for my Mustang and now the Corvette. One of the best car covers I have used. I previously used a very expensive cover I got from the USA which was supposed to the completely weatherproff rain snow etc but compared to the Ultimate it was a poor second.

There are a few other Corvette owners which use the same one and they all recommend this too.

Give Classic Additions a call on 01938 561717 and tell them your from CCCUK and you saw them at last years Classic Car show in Excel and ask if you can get the show discount Laughing

You should be able to get it delivered for just under 200.

It has 3 straps which hold it firm on the car. Its been tested by me with snow ice rain gales and I've had no problems.


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"2002" C5 A4 Coupe Millennium Yellow

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curious bystander

Committee Member

Sat 19 May 18 09:28

Re: c5 outdoor cover

Thanks for the info. on "Classic Additions" Dave.

I've been using those Stormforce covers for my C3, but after a couple of years the outer skin starts to degrade and at that point it seems to become more porous.

How many years does the Ultimate last do you reckon?


79 L82 Auto

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Awww... join the CCCUK!

Sun 01 Jul 18 20:51

Re: c5 outdoor cover

I had a breathable cover for my C4. It ruined the paint and body work.

Now, after that expensive mistake, the cars stay unconvered.

1985 - C4 Red Auto - Sold
2002 - VW Golf GTi Turbo
2009 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

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Mike Williams

Club Member

Mon 02 Jul 18 16:22

Re: c5 outdoor cover

I have a Covercraft Weathershield HP for my C5, and it's extremely good but also extremely expensive.
However, I bought a Jaguar XKR last year which I really want to keep in mint condition but which also has to live outside, so I invested in an external use Carcoon. Wow, what a fabulous thing. Not that much more then a Covercraft cover bit simply brilliant protection. I put my freshly washed and dried Jag in there at the end of December (only got it at the end of October so enjoyed it for a couple of months). After all the rain, snow etc. I removed it from the Carcoon in May and it looked every bit as fresh as when it went in. I highly recommend them. Survived high winds and everything winter threw at it. Now considering getting one for the C5 as well.

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