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C1 power glide


CCCUK Member
Hi does any one have transfluid leaking when the car is parked up for a week or two
When you say leaking........how much? A puddle? A dollop coin size? If a drop or two, wouldn't worry about about it, if a puddle, yes, needs to be fixed.

My C3 after sitting for a few weeks, will have a coin size leak of engine oil and tranny oil as well. Not worth my effort and $$$ to get it fixed, I can live with that.


CCCUK Member
It’s a cast iron power glide from 1957 it pukes out at least half a litre if its left for more tha a week or two
Hummm, that's just a little too much. If that much volume, when heading down the road, you may blow out a seal or gasket and that may leave you SOL. You may even have a crack in the housing, not unheard of. I'd get it checked out.