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Drifting your Corvette (or any rwd car!) - Oulton Park, Cheshire

Added to Calendar: 12-04-19

Excellent, I'm trying to work hard on my car to get it running again for a week on Friday. Worst case, I will still come along but it will have to be in the RX-8 race car. :(
Still haven't sorted a place to kip. Amazes me how much people want for just one night, even without breakfast. Likewise, it amazes me how many places listed on the Oulton Park accomodation page refuse to breakfast in time for people to get to the nearby main attraction. Bit daft really. I might end up just staying in a cheap Travelodge, and getting a McDonalds on the way up.
Found a double ensuite room at a pub nearby for £35... only to find the 'free parking' is actually just on a road nearby! grrrrr. fingers crossed the car will be ok.
Not long now, I will see you all there on Friday morning. It would be great if you could all take some video and/or photos, we want to see those spins! I will put together an article for the club magazine, so any help with snaps is appreciated. The RX-8 is now confirmed as Corvette is going to be out of action for some weeks now, this is it as of yesterday:

Some basic tips:

-Bring a large bottle of water, partly for you to drink and partly if you need to give the side windows a little clean during the day.
- Wear thin soled shoes, thin, layered clothing and don't wear gloves, it's all about feel.
-Don't get frustrated, drifting on such a slippery surface is a hard skill to master. Take a break if you get to that point and chat to others who seem to be half decent and ask them for some tips. I don't play Golf but imagine it's similar, sometimes it just clicks then you'll lose it again for no reason!
- The grip levels change, the wetter the surface the more easily the car will slide/spin. The tractor and water bowser comes out every 20 to 30 minutes to wet the track again.
- To start with just aim to do a little slide on each corner; big, lairy slides where you transition from one corner to the next can come later.
- Keep off the grass (you'll get moaned at)
- Keep your windows up, else dirty spray gets in your car (ask me how I know!)
- When you spin don't worry, everyone does it, if you have a manual just depress the clutch immediately (to avoid a stall or the engine trying to spin in reverse). Drive away normally for a couple of corners to build some distance from the next car and then you can start to try to drift again. Doing this will keep the runs flowing nicely.

Ok, how do I start?
- The technique is something like this, we'll use a left hand corner as an example: 1. Blip of throttle (80%) with a little steering input to the left, 2. feel the car slide, 3. immediately back off the throttle to about 20% to maintain some forward momentum whilst simultaneously counter steering to the right. Alter the steering angle and throttle as needed to maintain that slide. Coming off the throttle, or increasing the angle of counter steering will stop the drift. Sounds easy eh? The problem is 1, 2 and 3 happen in about a second and so much is about feel.

Hope that helps, I'm not an expert but will do my best to assist on the day.

Regards, David
Is it somewhat similar to driving on packed snow?

Also, if people want me to film, I'll need a camera! I've got a big one that's too big, a small one that doesn't work, or a medium one (old faithful!) that only records in something like 240p! (yes, it's so old it runs on AA batteries!)
Yes, packed snow is a good example, maybe a touch more grippy, but not much (hence your tyres will be just fine). I'll bring my wifes bridge camera along, perfectly good for point and shoot and video too.
I did try yesterday with a compact camera on a clamp mount attached to the rear seat in the middle to view both me and the road... except the camera is dead! I've got my big 1" sensor bridge camera I can bring to film others.
Well, have now bought a little 1080p action cam to record some action. Have checked into a new inn after the last one turned out not to have any parking nearby at all. Didn't fancy leaving it parked down by the canal...! So in new pub... in a room directly above the bar! So not going to sleep for a while it seems :-( And after our drift day I have to drive back down to Bristol and do a 12 hour night shift FFS.

And the pint of coke here tasted like drain cleaner.... sigh.