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Have To Look Hard.......


CCCUK Member
Why can't people spell "BEEMER"?:rolleyes:
Well, did a little research.....Always thought it was bimmer.

Ryan R. Cooper Doctoral Resident in Clinical NeuropsychologyDoctoral Resident in Neuropsych at Terrell State Hospital

I agree with everyone so far, but I want to contribute a little extra (Me, wordy? No way!).
Beemer and Beamer relate to the bikes simply because the bikes came first. They are the true BMW ancestors. When the company started making cars, there was no way “beamer” (either in spelling or pronunciation) was going to fly. Hence, Bimmer (pronounced bihm-er) is correct.

For the record, I’ve heard BMW sales folks mispronounce the term even (here in the USA)! If I’m speaking to another bimmer owner then I will say it properly. If I’m with someone who clearly wouldn’t know, I will usually say “beamer” as well, unless the situation might call for some small talk where a correction would feel socially appropriate… hey, call me a shrink.

From Bimmerfest Forum:

In German, the acronym BMW is pronounced "beh emm veh". This is often pronounced as one word. In North America, BMW automobiles are referred to as "bimmers", "beemers" or "beamers". In some English-speaking countries "beemers" may refer to both automobiles and motorcycles. In the United Kingdom the abbreviation 'BM' is widely used. In the rest of the world mainly the pronunciation "bee emm double-u" is used.

Bimmer - slang for BMW cars
Beamer/Beemer- slang for BMW Motorcycles

Jack Cooper

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I actually have a 2017 320i, Norm...….. calling it a 'bummer' is easy when I see and drive my 2007 C6. Need 4 seats for grandkids, dog etc.
Haven't got to the first service yet (only covered 9000mi so far) so I guess I'll find out about costs come the summer. (Fortunately, there are
independent specialists around here who are authorized to administer to the Munich machinery). I don't plan to keep it beyond the 3-year mark, when the warranty expires.
First day of spring today - things are looking up; how's it with you?
J.C. (1911)


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Dusting of snow today, cold and damp, the weekend is going to be crappy. Cold blast heading my way next week from Canuckia.
Spring's around the corner.

Been spending time organizing trips this season for the club, a trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in PA, then a run over to WV for the Silver Eagle Train Excursion to view the eagles, both great places for a Corvette cruise trip.