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Sprinting my C6


Not sure if this is worthy of being in the 'racing' section? In addition to trackdays I have signed up to the Javelin Sprint Series for 2019 in the C6: Javelin Trackdays Sprint Series

What is Sprinting? (Taken from their website)
Sprinting is essentially a driver and car, competing against the clock, on a pre-practised course. Cars will start one at a time, from a standstill at 30 second intervals, so you won't encounter other vehicles to collide with. The average course is approx 1.7 miles long, which helps to keep stress on the car to a minimum. Normally you will be given a chance to walk the course, then drive it behind a pace car, before getting a practice run in the morning, followed by timed runs into the afternoon. Times are displayed after you cross the finish line and results are published throughout the day with an awards presentation once the runs have been completed.

I began sprinting just over 15 years ago, before I started racing, but it's been a good 10 years since the last sprint. Thanks to the format being one car at a time I have convinced my 65 year old Father to give it a try, so on the 31st March at Snetterton he makes his competitive debut, double driving the car with me. This series runs outside of Motorsport UK regulations, therefore is quite relaxed about fireproof kit, extinguisher, harnesses, that sort of thing (which makes sense as none of this is needed on a trackday).
The class breakdown looks good for my car, with class J6 for cars over 2000cc, 2WD (300 - 400bhp). So far it looks like I will be up against an Aston Martin DB7, Honda Integra R, Holden Monaro, probably a VX220 Turbo and more. There are some quite tasty machines in other classes including a pair of McLaren!

I've not started fitting the uprated shocks and arbs yet, but other than that it's pretty much ready to go; let's see how the 200k mile beast does.

Regards, Dave
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