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This Is Crazy.......


CCCUK Member
Most Amazing Intersection in the World!

This is how this intersection operates with NO white or yellow lines, NO directional arrows, NO traffic lights and no one directing traffic.
In this time lapse video we see the intersection at Meskel Square, the nerve centre of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Check out the pedestrians as they navigate this chaos. Driving this intersection is not for the timid, patient or slow-thinking driver. Driving this intersection takes guts, split second timing, a brake and gas pedals that work!

Note: there are no skid marks in the intersection.

Ha! Looks pretty chaotic, but I wouldn't mind betting its easier when you are there.

We were in Sicily for a month last year, driving, and spent some time in Palermo. We'd heard all sorts of horror stories about the driving there. And yes, it's certainly "different", but we were amazed at how it all just works. People seem to take huge liberties, but as everyone does it, everyone knows it's likely to happen and deals accordingly. In the end it was all rather refreshing to find that people could actually all get around without, apparenlty, any rules! We didn't see a single accident, or even a near miss and, I have to say, we took some pretty big liberties ourselves! I have to say I missed it, and the common sense that everyone showed, despite some of them driving ridiculously fast out in the countryside!
The one time I was in Milan and Brescia it was the the smallest and lowest powered vehicles that drive the most aggresively (especially mopeds who would drive in the gutter on the wrong side of the road) and 'parking' in Milan (more like shunting) even late models cars were covered in dents - didn't see too many hi-end cars around (whether that was due to possible damage - or not showing conspicuous wealth - who knows?)