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Which Way Do You Waste Tires?


CCCUK Member
I must confess I don't understand why anyone would want to angle their wheels like that? Other than (in my opinion) wanting to look stupid and wear the contact patch of the tyre quickly, why do it? :unsure: Each to their own I guess, but it is certainly not for me.


CCCUK Chairman
I was following a 'gaggle' of young fella's in smaller hot/warm/tepid/cold euro hatches coming off the M25 and onto the M11 yesterday. Obviously en-route to some event and much like us I guess were all jostling for places and giving the cars a little bit of toe-down action amongst each other- and fine, it was great to see it.....but one of the cars was a red Ford Focus that could have been a dead ringer for Norms photo above......except that it was even more radical with extreme camber front and rear with tyres seriously 'stretched' across rims far too wide....even 'er indoors riding shotgun commented on on the appearance and how it was managing to avoid a 'pull' from the boys in blue!


CCCUK Member
Crazy isn't it. Now you understand why motorcyclists get so pissy when we get pulled for having a slightly smaller number plate. Sounds silly, but I've owned bikes that are narrower than the official sized plate! Not that I'm advocating silly plates, but 75% scale shouldn't be an issue, the text is the same size as all the foreign plates that are acceptable.